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The Derry Demons are officially signed up on Amazon Smile!

For those of you who don't know what this is, Amazon Smile is a charity sister site of Amazon where you can go and shop for all the normal Amazon products, BUT the Derry Demons organization will receive a 0.5% charitable donation on any eligible item.  There are no associated fees on either side!  Pretty much you log on to Amazon Smile, select American Youth Football Inc (that's the name our tax ID pulls up) and start shopping.  Super easy! 

There are two ways to sign up on Amazon Smile:

The first and easiest way is to use this link.  It will bring you directly to Amazon Smile and our account.  The link will have you sign on.  Once you are signed on, you will be directed to the Amazon Smile home page (looks just like Amazon's home page, except the Amazon logo will have Smile next to it).  You will also see American Youth Football Inc listed under your Amazon search bar. 02-0432112

The other step is to write Amazon Smile in your search engine (Google, Chrome, whatever).  You will see the link for Amazon Smile, select it.  You will have to sign in, but then it will bring you to the Amazon Smile home page.  It should prompt you to select your charity.  If you enter American Youth Football Inc. 16 pages will pop up...don't do that.  I would suggest searching under our zip code, 03038.  Six pages will appear, we are all the way at the end.  Please make sure it says American Youth Football Inc in Derry NH.  Once you select it, you will be good to go!

A few side notes:

PLEASE make this a favorites page, so that every time you buy, the Derry Demons (our kids) can benefit from this!  Also, unfortunately, Amazon Smile does not support a mobile system.  Everything will have to be done by the computer.