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2022 Cash Calendar Mandatory Fundraiser

The Derry Demons would like to thank the local businesses who generously donated over $2,500 in prizes! Drawings will be held every day for the month of October. 

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Kathy Mullen

2nd Mitch Wendell

3rd Lori Lynch

4th Meghann Hennrikus

5th Diane Ferguson

6th Hannah Cedrone

7th Ricci

8th Douglas Ploof

9th Jenna Pacheco

10th Lucky Cowan 

11th Kelly tebbetts

12th Tony Dolloff

13th Cindy Roberts

14th Nate Ravenelle

15th Jenna Cove

16th Chris Cummings

17th Aini Johnson 

18th Lisa thomas

19th Patty Levinger

20th Christal Coyle 

21st Anna Capo

22 Margaret Pare

23 Melissa Garside

24 Amanda Robbins Small

25 Tanner Joy

26 Cameron Lord

27 Armando Suarez

28 Michelle Coleman

29 Carla Elwood

30 Chris McCall

31 Rick Labbe




Derry Demons 2022 Season Schedule


Welcome to Derry, NH Demons Youth Football & Spirit serving Derry, Chester, Auburn, Candia & Hooksett NH ages 5-12 (can not turn 12 on or before 8/1) and Cheer grades 9-12.

Thank You to Derry Demons 2022 Season Sponsors!

Sponsored by Rise Private Wealth Management

Rise Private Wealth Management

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Thank you to Rise Private Wealth Management for your Sponsorship of the Derry Demons! 

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